Mary Hall

I was blow away at how skilled and knowledgeable Marilyn is at understanding the full body bio mechanics and lymph system and how to best support its natural flow of detoxification. My first session was miraculous. I highly recommend her to everyone seeking to support their body's natural lymphatic flow (system) to clear cellular waste and toxins, increase their metabolism and boost their immune system. I have completed 2 full sets of sessions and feel lighter with much more energy.

Mary Hall

Jennifer McLean

Marilyn Mercado is the real deal, a true healer that can make a miraculous difference in your life. I have never experienced such amazing and instant results.  Everything from actively improving my immune system, assisting with toxins during a cleanse, to instant weight loss and losing true inches from my face and body.  I just plain feel better after a session from this advanced
practitioner.  I also know that regular sessions with Marilyn has opened my being to new levels of health and vitality that I didn't think was possible.  What are you waiting for, Marilyn is the answer you've been seeking.

Jennifer McLean,
Host Healing With The Masters

Susan Godfrey

I have had Chronic Lyme and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for many years and have found that Marilyn’s lymphatic treatments are the most effective methods for relief from the debilitating reactions I experience from these diseases. Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) treatments are one of the most effective detox treatments used to decongest my lymph and for minimizing the herxheimerreactions caused by toxic die off from treating both the Chronic Lyme and CFS. Before receiving a MLD treatment, most of my lymph nodes were swollen and painful and I was very fatigued, weak and feel flue like.  Within a few hours after the treatment my symptoms decreased substantially. Marilyn has helped me tremendously through her vast knowledge of the health, wellness and the lymph systems.  The effects these treatments have had on the symptoms of my chronic illnesses have re-energized my daily life.  She is a true healer with a compassionate heart.

Marilyn Chocron

I have been a client of Marilyn's for the past 4 years, since I was diagnosed with Stage 2B breast cancer. She has been successful in preventing any edema since we began treatment prior to having lymph nodes removed, of which, knowing what I know today, would have avoided.  Her intense care and knowledge on the physical body, especially about what important role the Lymph nodes play in our system has provided me tremendous relief from pain and discomfort. Few patients know about this, and Doctors know even less. I relied, as I still do today, on her diagnosis and reading what my lymphatic system is doing in order to stay functioning.  Since my initial diagnosis, I was re-diagnosed 2 yrs. ago with Stage4 Metastasized Breast cancer in my liver. Because of the necessary western medical treatment, I have had challenging side effects (pain, discomfort and sluggishness…). Marilyn always is successful in giving me relief with her treatments to where I can get thru another day. She has mass knowledge on what to do and not do concerning nutrition and health.  I can always rely on her expertise to know that I'm going in the right direction. Without her, I'm not sure if I would still be here. I am so very grateful for her!

Marilyn Chocron
Riverside, CA

Robbie Stevenson

Oh the miracle medicine of this lymphatic treatment.  Since having surgery my lymphatic system gets clogged or stuck very often.  Of course that means that the toxins just sit there in my body.  I can arrive for my treatment with my lymph system severely backed-up, yet I walk out of the treatment with less pain, less nausea and less congestion.  I am fighting cancer, consequently my system is constantly dumping toxins into my lymphatic system, I don’t where I would be without Marilyn’s magic healing hands and her unique lymphatic treatment.  

Robbie Stevenson 

Sandra McCaffrey

After 13 years of constant abdominal swelling, which my surgeon assured me was a normal phenomenon, I had the great fortune of finding Marilyn.  At my first appointment Marilyn explained my immune system had been compromised due to the large number of lymph nodes that had been removed. She said this had created a lymphatic system unable to work properly which totally explained the swollen area of my body. As a fairly modest person I definitely had some reservations about the procedure. Marilyn's treatment room was so relaxing. She used soft linens and blankets, a comfy, warmed padded table/ bed along with soothing music. We visited during the treatment and she made some great suggestions and recommendations that I immediately started to follow. The best part of all was after my very first treatment the 13 years of abdominal swelling was magically gone. Marilyn really knows her stuff and it amazes me that I went so long without a physician figuring this out. I think anyone that cares about their health would benefit from an evaluation from Marilyn to make sure they're system is working properly.

Sandra McCaffrey

Merry Neitlich

Thank you so much for your amazing lymphatic treatments. As an aging, but nationally competitive athlete, I don't think my season would have ended so well without your help. Our sessions have kept me healthy and minimized the dis-comfort and swelling I was experiencing in my knees. Your knowledge about Integrative medicine is amazing. You always seem to offer pragmatic options.

Merry Neitlich

Carin Howard

Lympathic Therapy is a well kept secret. Very few primary physicians even know about the incredible impact this therapy can have on patients who have had any type of surgery. Marilyn Mercado was recommended to me; when my 23 year old daughter was pregnant and suffering with masses of enlarged lympathic ducts under both of her arms. Surgery had been considered by her physician; however God intervened by guiding us to Marilyn. Through the remainder of her pregnancy my daughter continue to have Lympathic therapy; which had a dramatic impact on her health. Today her lymphatic system is back to normal. My second daughter has suffered with severe pain from Endometrosis. Through the touch of Marilyn's gifted hands and the "state of the arc" technology; the inflammation in my daughter's body; which has been inflamed due to poor Lympathic circulation is now being treated. And then there has been my health. I had my Thyroid removed twenty years ago and I had difficulty swallowing. Lympathic Therapy has been the only treatment which has been affective in loosening up the scar tissue in my throat. I now realize that scar tissue from any surgery can play havic on the internal organs if not loosened up and treated by Lympathic Therapy. My daughters and I are truly grateful for having been guided into the loving and professional care of Marilyn Mercado. 

Blessings, Carin
Costa Mesa, CA

Rebecca Hart

Dear Marilyn,
I adore you! You embody all that I feel a true professional caregiver should have: excellent skill in your chosen field, a compassionate and caring nature, and honesty! Of all the alternative medical professionals I have seen through my detox process I place you at the top of my list, for you not only make my body feel better but my mind as well. Your energetic, positive personality gives me so much sustenance when I am feeling overwhelmed with my body's healing process. And we both know that the mental part of detox is as important as the physical aspect of it. I also feel safe with you because I know that you will alert me to any potential danger in my lymph system, thus catching a potentially lethal situation in advance. And finally, I enjoy your conversation and ideas - I think we are kindred spirits!

Most Sincerely,
Rebecca L. Hart

Mike Daly

I've been seeing Marilyn for 15 years for therapy of various types and I can honestly say she is the best therapist I've ever gone to. I've had 2 cervical surgeries and Marilyn can always break down the knots in my shoulders and back. I've had two surgeries on my left rotator cuff and Marilyn knew the techniques necessary to loosen the muscles and take pressure off the rotator cuff, and when I had a spinal fusion at L3/4 again Marilyn knew the muscles she could work on and which needed to be left alone to heal. Part of Marilyn's expertise comes from the over 2,000 hours of training in everything from mastectomy massage to lymphatic drainage comes from within - her desire to help people in pain and her personality as a perfectionist always looking for the best technique to use instead of relying on the easiest or whatever techinque might get by. Marilyn also has a vast knowledge of nutrition where she can help a patient continue to maximize the results of their treatment by eating in a manner that will provide the nutrients to continue the healing process between appointments. Marilyn not only gets referrals from the center, but she also receives referrals from plastic surgeons, accupuncturists and other professionals in a variety of fields because of her dedication to her job. Anyone seeing Marilyn for therapy will often find out that she doesn't always go by the clock - she works until she's comfortable that she's done everything she can to help heal every patient she works on. Marilyn doesn't stop there - if she feels a persons treatment plan isn't right she'll talk to the physician about alternatives she feels may be more effective. To anyone deciding which therapist or lymphatic therapist I can only say your best choice will be to see Marilyn and listen to her advice - it will be the best decision you can make to improve your health.

Mike Daley
Huntington Beach, Ca