Meet the Founder

Awaken Bio-Energy, Balance Body Systems, Support Immune Functions Through the Unique Light and Vibrational Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

Thank you for taking some time out of your day to read my story and see how much I believe in the therapeutic benefits of lymph focused treatments and positive effect it can have on our overall health and wellness. Through these techniques, we are able to re-awaken, re-energize and re-open a key body system that is mostly ignored and often misunderstood by the medical and health professions.

My overall holistic health belief was seeded as a young girl and grew through decades of dedication to nutrition, fitness and my own well balanced health. It was this foundation from which I began pursuing a career that allowed me to assist people with pain management and restoration to optimal health. Over the years of formulating plans to successfully assist a person’s search for balanced health, well being, and happiness, I soon realized I had a natural calling to integrative medicine specializing in Lymphatic therapy.  This specialty technique supports the body's natural immune system, thus helping the body to recover more rapidly. After years of helping and assisting patients, clients, family and friends recover from illness, injuries, chronic pain and surgeries, I began connecting and understanding the missing links to overall health. I became aware of the often overlooked and least understood system of the body, the LYMPH SYSTEM.

Lymphatic Therapy is not just for the ill, but also a great preventative tool as well to keep our healthy body systems balanced and free of cellular debris and toxins. I encourage you all to take charge of your health and schedule your initial appointment today and experience this unique life enhancing therapy!!